WHAT’S NEW: 2019 Zamboanga Hermosa Festival GRAND LAUNCHING


July 13, 2019 – Fiesta fever is on! The Hermosa Festival 2019 will officially be launched on the following dates below. Make sure to mark your calendars to be part of this grand and colorful celebration. Vamos a Celebrar!


July 29, 3 PM – Grand Launching @ Palacio del Sur

August 1, 5 PM – Launching @ SM Megamall

WATCH: 2019 Hermosa Festival TEASER

Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2019 Teaser

THE FIESTA FEVER IS ON! This is Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2019 – the grandest festival in Zamboanga Peninsula and one of the oldest and most colorful festivals in the country today!#ZamboHermosaFest is a grand celebration of faith, hope, diversity and devotion; the bedrock of our continued resurgence and fortitude as a City and as a people.Swirl yourself into a riot of colors and celebrate with us this October! Vamos a Zamboanga y vamos a celebrar!Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Grand Launch Zamboanga: July 27, 3PM, Palacio del SurManila: August 1, 5PM, SM MegamallBe there!Mas Alegre Ahora na Zamboanga!

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Zamboanga Hermosa, also known locally as Fiesta Pilar, is one of Zamboanga City’s most important festivals. It honors the city’s patron saint, the Nuestra Señora de la Virgen del Pilar whose image is enshrined in the equally historic and venerated Fort Pilar. The feast day proper on October 12 is a special holiday in Zamboanga City, and the shrine itself holds novena masses throughout the day.

With the maxim of ‘vamos a celebrar’ – come and celebrate! – the Hermosa Festival is a unique experience, combining tradition and modernity in a month-long festivity.

For official calendar of activities, updates, and other Hermosa Festival-related concerns, visit the

Date: Late September – October
Feast Day: October 12
Telefax: (062) 990-1356